Suzie McCluney - Trust Mediation
David Pittaway KC

Suzie McCluney

Suzie practiced as a clinical pharmacist working in the NHS and private practice before training as a Solicitor. She qualified in 1996 and has been a mediator since 2018. She is a partner in a leading healthcare practice, with over 25 years of experience representing clients to resolve their disputes.


Mediation has been a part of Suzie’s work for many years. She works pro bono as a community mediator and is frequently struck by the effectiveness of the mediation process in improving communication and reaching resolution where things may seem undauntingly intractable.

As a mediator Suzie plays a uniquely practical role in helping each party to explore their respective positions in a confidential and non-judgemental setting. Suzie’s ability to appreciatie both the emotional and tactical layers surrounding the claim and the legal tenets underpinning it, make her effective in assisting the parties to narrow the issues and ultimately reach a resolution.