Online Mediation - Trust Mediation

Online Mediation

When you can’t meet face to face we can still help resolve your dispute.

Working with you remotely:

We can host a mediation remotely by video and/or telephone. Download our guide and FAQ.

Video Hosted Mediation

Video conferencing is the next best thing to face to face mediation.

Just like a physical meeting our on-line mediations have three meeting rooms:

  • a private room for the claimant team;
  • a private room for the defendant team; and
  • a mediator’s room.

The mediator has full control of which room people are in.

When you join the meeting, you will be placed in your private room along with anyone else attending the mediation with you.

When you are ready you can ask the mediator to join you for a private discussion. The mediator will then go to the other side’s room to speak privately with them. You can continue your private discussions whilst the mediator is speaking to the other side.

With the parties’ agreement the mediator can arrange for some or all of the participants from each side to meet with him/her in the mediator’s room for joint discussions at any time. This could be for example:

  • a welcome meeting at the start of the mediation;
  • a lawyers only discussion;
  • a meeting to deliver an apology or explanation;
  • a concluding meeting.


  • No venue expenses
  • No travel time or expense
  • Easy to arrange