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Trust Mediation for Lawyers

Help your clients settle claims more quickly for the right amount.

We provide you with everything, the means to effectively and immediately reach an agreement and settle a case. This includes both liability and quantum disputes.

Over the past ten years we have helped our customers settle around 80% of the cases they have referred to us.

We understand the needs of lawyers bringing and defending claims. We know you resolve most cases through routine negotiation – we are here for the more difficult claims. We help you get your client the right settlement of these cases without the lengthy delays, costs and risks of protracted litigation.

Benefits guaranteed by our 10+ years experience

  • Reduce Risks: Operating on Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) means effective risk assessment is essential. Mediation is an excellent way of testing the strengths and weakness of a claim under the protection of confidential and without prejudice negotiations. Use mediation on claims that need to be resolved and avoid extra costs. Remove the risk of losing a “no win no fee” and reduce the costs of settlement – a win for both sides.
  • Settle difficult claims quicker: We routinely settle around 80% of matters referred to us on the day – and we are only asked to help in the difficult cases, including cases where a Joint Settlement Meeting (JSM) may already have been tried.
  • Reduce costs of settlements: a properly timed mediation on the appropriate case can result in a significant saving on the overall costs of settlements.
  • You do not trust the opponent to negotiate: a mediator will prevent “fishing exercises” and focus the parties on settlement if one is possible.
  • Increase client satisfaction: your client gets their compensation or the reserve released sooner-key factors in client satisfaction.
  • Suitable for any value claims: Mediation is equally suitable for catastrophic injuries claims to those of much more modest value.


  • Negotiations have stalled: one or both sides have made their “final offers” and believe there is no prospect of settlement.
  • A Joint Settlement Meeting (JSM) is unlikely to succeed: relations between the legal teams may have collapsed or you might not believe the other side is serious about settlement.
  • Liability is disputed: we routinely help parties settle liability disputes.
  • You have a difficult client: sometimes clients have unreasonable expectations which cannot be easily managed by their lawyers. A neutral and independent mediator can effectively assist the management of claimant aspirations.
  • Pre-proceedings: we mediate an increasing proportion of claims before proceedings are commenced.


  • Specialist mediators 10 + years: You can be sure that mediating with us will not involve time and effort on your part bringing the mediator up to speed with the technicalities of your case. Our mediators are specialists in the field of personal injury and/or clinical negligence dispute resolution with experience gained from many years as a claimant or defendant solicitor, a barrister, judge or medical professional.
  • Re-open communications and stalled negotiations: Negotiations break down for many reasons; relations between negotiators may have deteriorated or one side may feel it has gone as far as it can go. Our specialist mediators help you re-open communications with the other side and develop ways to break impasse.
  • Multiple defendants: Mediation is particularly suited to multi-party cases.
  • Independence: Our mediators are fiercely independent no matter what their practice background.
  • Trust – it is in the name: Trust Mediation has been appointed by NHS Resolution (NHSR) to provide specialist independent mediation services to help resolve personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

We have a proven and endorsed track record of helping parties settle difficult personal injury and clinical negligence claims. Even the difficult claims can be settled early at reduced costs.


Settlement rate

35% +



Highly experienced mediators


Years Leading The  Industry

1000 +

Mediations Conducted


Having a variety of services which are cost and time efficient ensure Trust Mediation can help you. We help parties negotiate settlement of personal injury, clinical negligence and costs claims.

NHS Resolution

Appointed by the NHS Resolution (NHSR) to provide specialist independent mediation services.


Tailored in-house courses to suit your firm or organisation’s needs.

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Over 20 accredited mediators who are also Solicitors, Barristers, KC’s and Doctors.


Fixed fee four hour mediation as well as our 8 hour model.