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Trust Mediation for Claimants

Mediation is an effective way of resolving compensation claims faster and at much lower cost than going to court.

It can reduce the risk and uncertainty of litigation for both sides. It also gives the parties the opportunity to explore solutions a court cannot provide.

We provide you with everything the means to effectively and immediately reach an agreement to settle a case. This includes both liability and quantum disputes. Over the past decade we have helped our customers settle around 80% of the cases they have referred to us. You can rely on our endorsed track record of helping parties settle difficult personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

Mediation is most effective way to settle compensation claims for personal injury or clinical negligence. It is cheaper and faster than going to court but provides the same benefits and an opportunity that is beneficial for both sides. You also have opportunities that you can not access in court.
We understand your needs, and help you create a safe solution


Benefits of utilising Trust Mediation

  • Receive your compensation earlier
  • Reduce the risks of losing at trial
  • Save on your legal costs
  • Avoid the stress of going to court
  • Express your emotions regarding the case
  • Have a say in the outcome
  • Have certainty – a settlement vs the risks of what a judge might decide
  • Have apologies or explanations – the mediation process can provide this
    If you represent yourself call us now on 0207 353 3237.

Note you may face a costs sanction if you unreasonably refuse an offer to mediate.


  • In any case if you are involved in a clinical negligence or personal injury as a claimant or defendant, you should contact us immediately
  • You may have to pay a proportion of the costs – even on “no win no fee” deals – the longer the claim goes the more they have to pay



  • Specialist mediators for more than 10 years: You can be sure that mediating with us will not involve time and effort on your part bringing the mediator up to speed with the technicalities of your case. All our mediators are specialists in the field of personal injury and/or clinical negligence dispute resolution with experience gained from many years as a claimant or defendant solicitor, a barrister, judge or medical professional.
  • Re-open communications and stalled negotiations: Negotiations break down for many reasons; relations between negotiators may have deteriorated or one side may feel it has gone as far as it can go. Our specialist mediators help you re-open communications with the other side and develop ways to progress the negotiations, very often to settlement.
  • Multiple defendants: We have the capabilities of assisting you in cases involving more than one defendant.
  • Independence: Our mediation services offer  a forum and an environment which promotes confidentiality, and the benefits of an independent participant being present, resulting in better management and reality testing of claimant aspirations.
  • Trust – it is in the name: Trust Mediation has been appointed by NHS Resolution (NHSR) to provide specialist independent mediation services to help resolve personal injury and clinical negligence claims.
  • Convenience: Preparation, reading, the mediator’s travel to the destination, and the mediation of up to four or eight hours are included as well. We can also provide information for suitable venues.  

We have a proven and endorsed track record of helping parties settle difficult personal injury and clinical negligence claims. Even the difficult claims can be settled early at reduced costs.


Settlement rate

35% +



Highly experienced mediators


Years Leading The  Industry

1000 +

Mediations Conducted


Having a variety of services which are cost and time efficient ensure Trust Mediation can help you. We help parties negotiate settlement of personal injury, clinical negligence and costs claims.

NHS Resolution

Appointed by the NHS Resolution (NHSR) to provide specialist independent mediation services.


Fixed fee four hour mediation as well as our 8 hour model.

Meet our Mediators

Over 20 accredited mediators who are also Solicitors, Barristers, KC’s and Doctors. 


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