Specialist Mediators of

Personal Injury and

Clinical Negligence claims

Lawyers, Insurers & Defendants

All our mediators have substantial experience of personal injury and/or clinical negligence litigation and mediation.

View our guide to mediation for lawyers and insurers.

We also have a short video and guide to mediation which claimant lawyers may find helpful to show their clients.

Our mediators can answer any questions you have about mediation generally or on a specific case.

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Mediation is way to settle compensation claims for personal injury or clinical negligence.

Resolving claims this way can help you:

  • Receive your compensation earlier
  • Reduce the risks of losing at trial
  • Save on your legal costs
  • Avoid the stress of going to court
  • Take part in the settlement discussions

For more information you can watch our short video or read our guide to mediation.

If you are willing to try mediation to settle your claim ask your solicitor to contact us.

If you represent yourself call us now on 0207 353 3237.

Note you may face a costs sanction if you unreasonably refuse an offer to mediate. You should seek independent legal advice about this.

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