Tessa Herman - Trust Mediation

“We had been acting for a client who had been injured through the negligence of a doctor. The case had gone on for many years without a breakthrough. Through Tessa’s skills, after a long day, the case settled, providing finality for all sides. Tessa was fair and respectful towards our client, eliciting helpful information. We would recommend Tessa as a mediator.”

Andrew Gray of Truth Legal

Tessa Herman

Tessa has been mediating since 2014 and brings her previous expertise as a specialist Claimant catastrophic injury solicitor to her mediation practice.  Tessa is an international mediation trainer. 

I developed an interest in mediation following many years working as a specialist catastrophic injury solicitor with Irwin Mitchell, with a particular interest in brain and spinal cord injury claims.  My experience of representing severely injured Claimants and their families has given me a deep and extensive understanding of the emotions such individuals have to deal with following trauma or adverse outcomes. 


As a mediator I am very aware of the importance of managing that emotion and handling expectations in order to facilitate successful outcomes.  My effective empathetic communication is vital to that process together with a practical understanding of the legal complexities and pressures of such cases.