Jonathan Dingle - Trust Mediation

“This was an exceptionally difficult case involving the death of a child and distraught parents – the approach adopted by Jonathan Dingle as the mediator was the key to success.”

Jonathan Dingle

Jonathan Dingle is a barrister, mediator and internationally experienced arbitrator . At the Bar, he specialises in clinical negligence, personal injury, child and sexual abuse claims, and complex cases, often with a national or international dimension.

As a mediator, I was appointed as Honorary Secretary of the United Kingdom’s Civil Mediation Council in 2003, a post which he held for eight years. He played a major role in influencing judges, practitioners and stakeholders in previously intractable disputes.

He have led many mediation and arbitration training courses in Europe and internationally.

My style is relatively informal but should not be mistaken for an absence of a fine seaman like eye for detail, or a thorough grounding in procedure on which I am widely consulted. 



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