Covid-19 Update - Trust Mediation

Covid-19 Update

We remain open for business offering video or telephone mediation.

Remote Mediation:

In our experience remote mediation works and works very well.

Video Conference Mediation:

As you will have heard and seen in the media, the technology is simple to use and functions well. The platform that we have adopted is robust and has the exceptionally useful feature of separate mediation rooms. No previous experience or special equipment is required – a laptop or tablet with a camera and microphone is fine.

Our initial experience and feedback has been excellent and we are busy rescheduling previously booked mediations and taking new bookings. Download our guide and FAQ.

There is a short introduction to the service on our website together with more detailed guides for you and your clients.

Data security and GDPR checks have been completed and we are satisfied that the platform provides the confidentiality which is fundamental for you and ourselves.

If you or your colleagues would like a quick demonstration of the system with one of our mediators we can arrange that for you. It is easy to arrange.

Telephone Mediation:

 We have been offering this service for 10 years with successful results. Telephone mediation can be used in conjunction with video conference mediation.

Always on-line:

 Trust Mediation has always been a virtual organisation and we are almost paperless, so the current restrictions have not had any significant impact on the way we do business.


For further information contact Philip Hesketh on 07595 365578 / 0207 353 3237.