Telephone Mediation

What would you do if you are dealing with a personal injury claim or costs dispute, which should have settled by now, but for some reason has not? Use Trust Mediation Telephone Mediation.

What we can do for you:

If a face-to-face mediation would be too much of an investment for you, we allow you to host the negotiation by phone enabling you to condense months of to-and-fro negotiation into just 2 hours. Our expert mediators manage the negotiation to make sure your time is used effectively guaranteeing the best chance of settlement.

Break the Impasse, today

Mediating can result in fair compensation for your claimant clients and a reduced life cycle and overall costs of claims for your defendant clients. Settle efficiently and improve your resolution toolkit.

What you get:


  • Low cost
  • No venue expenses
  • No travel time


The Telephone Mediation process is carried out in the following steps:

Step One : Agree to Mediate

The parties agree to use the Trust Mediation Telephone Mediation Scheme to attempt to settle the claim.

Step Two : Book the Mediation

One party completes the online booking form.

Step Three : Mediation Documents

The Trust Mediation administrator sends each party the following documents:

  • Mediation Agreement
  • Telephone Mediation Rules
  • Blank pre-mediation case summary form
  • A request for payment which must be paid before the mediation starts.

Step Four : Date Arranged

The Trust Mediation administrator arranges the mediation date, appoints a mediator and collects the signed mediation agreements. The time for the Telephone Mediation will be a “slot” or “window” during which time the mediator will have first call on the time of those involved in it.

Step Five : Case Summaries and Documents

The parties complete a pre-mediation case summary form for the mediator and send any supporting documents.

Step Six : The Mediation

The telephone mediation takes place. The Telephone Mediation takes place over the allotted time period – usually two hours. The mediator calls one Participant and then the next repeating the process until settlement has been reached or time has expired. A Participant not speaking to the mediator during the “window” must keep the telephone line free in readiness for the mediator’s next call. All conversations between the mediator and the respective Participants are confidential and Without Prejudice. Where the mediator considers it desirable a conference call can be arranged.

Step Seven : Settlement

The object is to help the parties find a solution they can both accept. No agreement is legally binding until it has been reduced to writing and signed on behalf of each Participant. The Participants have responsibility for drafting, signing and filing an appropriate agreement/Tomlin Order/Consent Judgment as required.

No Agreement

If no agreement is reached the mediator can offer a further session if he/she believes that it would be likely to result in settlement. If that is not the case or the Participants do not wish to have a further session the Telephone Mediation will be concluded, and the mediator will request a certification by email that a Telephone Mediation took place and no agreement was reached.

Mediation Assessment

Not sure if your case is suitable for mediation?

One of our specialist mediators can give you a free, confidential, no-obligation assessment to help you decide if mediation can help you.

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