Specialist Personal Injury Mediators

Mediation for the right casesInsurers

You are about settling personal injury claims as quickly as possible and at the right price. Most cases you deal with routinely. Now you no longer need to let the difficult claims cost disproportionate amounts to settle.

Whether you deal with matters in-house or use external solicitors the following benefits of mediation will each help you meet your goal:

  • Reduce Risks : use mediation to identify claims that need to be resolved and avoid disproportionate costs and success fees.
  • Reduce Claim Life Cycles : settle difficult claims earlier – we settle 90% of cases referred to us – and usually we are only asked to help in the difficult matters.
  • Reduce Costs of Settlement : a properly timed mediation on the appropriate case can result in a significant saving on the overall costs of settlement.

For lower value claims and costs disputes

Use our low cost telephone mediation service to significantly speed up the settlement of fast track claims. Or ask us about bulk settlement meetings.

For higher value claims

Your panel solicitors will have experienced mediation advocates who will help you identify the appropriate cases to settle early. We have worked with many skilled defendant solicitors who have helped us achieve our outstanding resolution rates.