We provide tailored in-house courses to suit your firm or organisation’s needs. Alternatively you can select one of the  courses below.

Introduction to Mediation

Introductory Level : Duration 2 hours : Fee £350* plus VAT

An introduction to mediation explaining the process, when to use it, why use it, how to persuade the other side to engage, costs consequences of refusing to mediate and basic preparation for mediation. The course includes short scenes from a mock mediation to provide practical experience.

Preparing for Mediation

Intermediate Level : Duration 2 hours : Fee £350* plus VAT

A detailed look at preparing for mediation covering mediator selection, the position statement, the mediation bundle, pre-mediation conferences, the opening statement, negotiation strategy and decision tree analysis.

Using Decision Trees in Litigation Risk Analysis

Intermediate Level : Duration 2 hours : Fee £350* plus VAT

Understanding the use of decision trees as a risk analysis tool for litigation and their use in mediation to help overcome significant difference in parties’ case assessment.

Mediation Representation Skills

Advanced Level : Duration 2 hours : Fee £350* plus VAT

This course teaches effective mediation representation skills to enable you to get the most for your client out of the process. It includes delivering the opening statement, joint sessions, understanding the role of and making use of the mediator, negotiation tactics and dealing with impasse.

*Travel expenses are charged in addition but capped at £150 plus VAT.

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