Express Mediation

Express Mediation is our response to the Jackson reforms. In addition to our 4 hour and 8 hour mediation models for more complex claims we now provide Express Mediation to provide personal injury claims professionals with an easy to use mediation product for single issue claims at a proportionate cost.

Service Features:

  • 2 hour* mediation for quantum only disputes or straightforward issues on liability;
  • Total fee of £950 (mediation fee £750 plus VAT of £150 and a £50 administration fee) paid by the defendant;
  • Overtime, of up to one additional hour is available, but this is priced at £300 per hour + VAT to encourage settlement within the 2 hour window.
  • Booking made on-line by the defendant;
  • Parties provide venue in a choice of cities;
  • Trust Mediation appoint the mediator;
  • The mediator has a pre-meeting phone discussion with each adviser to fix a date and review key issues.
  • The claimant provides a limited mediation bundle varying from case to case but likely to include :
    • The claimant’s statements;
    • Relevant expert reports;
    • Up to date schedule and counter-schedule of loss;
    • History of any offers;
    • In rare cases the pleadings;
    • Selected correspondence on key issues only;
    • Costs schedule.
  • Each party supplies the mediator with a confidential mediation summary limited to a maximum of 6 bullet points on a single sheet of A4 or to rely on the matters raised in the pre-meeting phone discussion.

We have refined this service to make it proportionate and attractive to the busy personal injury practitioner.  It is a cut-down service that makes mediation economically feasible where the issues are limited and a short, sharp focused, face to face negotiation involving a knowledgeable neutral is likely to settle the claim.

Booking is streamlined. Pre-mediation preparation is directed at providing just what is necessary to ensure the mediator and parties are properly equipped to maintain Trust Mediation’s 90% settlement of personal injury disputes.

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