Specialist Personal Injury Mediators

Claimant Solicitors

We know that you settle most of your claims quickly and efficiently obtaining fair compensation for your clients.

Mediation is not relevant to those matters but it is an important part of the dispute resolution toolkit of claimant solicitors for a minority, but still significant number, of cases.

Some of our mediators are experienced claimant solicitors and have identified the following benefits to claimant firms:

  • Reduce Risks : Operating on CFAs means effective risk assessment it essential. A mediation is an excellent way of testing the strengths and weakness of a claim under the protection of confidential and without prejudice negotiations.
  • Settle difficult claims more quickly : We routinely settle 90% of matters referred to us – and we are only asked to help in the difficult cases.
  • Improve cash flow and client satisfaction : By settling difficult claims more quickly you get paid sooner than you would otherwise – and your client gets their compensation sooner which is a key factor in client satisfaction.

We recommend mediation when:

  • Negotiations have stalled : one or both sides have made their “final offers” and believe there is no prospect of settlement.
  • A JSM is unlikely to succeed : relations between the legal teams may have collapsed or you might not believe the other side is serious about settlement.
  • You have a difficult client : sometimes clients have unreasonable expectations. Mediators who are neutral and independent can help manage these situations which would be exacerbated if only your opponent was present at a negotiation.
  • Your have a convincing client : your opponents have not had the opportunity to asses your client and may have made false assumptions. These can be dispelled at a mediation in carefully managed joint sessions leading to realistic assessments by paying parties.

If you have a case that you think may be suitable give us a call for a free, no-obligation assessment.