Mediation Fees

Note: The fees assume there are two parties

Service Fee
 VAT Total Fee Total Per Party (50%)
2 Hour Telephone Mediation £495 £99 £594 £297.50
4 Hour Face to Face Mediation £1,815 £363 £2,178 £1,089
8 Hour Face to Face Mediation £3,330 £660 £3,960 £1,980


Multiple Defendants

The Mediator’s fees apply where there is a claimant and one defendant. The fees increase by 10% for each additional defendant after the first when they are parties to the mediation.

For example, the Mediator’s fee for a 4 hour mediation with three defendants would be £1,815 x 120% = £2,178 plus VAT.

What is included?

Preparation, reading, the mediator’s travel, and the mediation of up to two, four or eight hours are included in the fee. The venue for the mediation, and any cost for the venue and refreshments, is the responsibility of the parties (see below). There are no hidden extras.
The fees cover both Trust Mediation’s administration and running costs and the mediator’s fee, in proportions which are agreed from time to time between Trust Mediation and its mediation panel. Trust Mediation can provide further details of this apportionment in individual cases if requested.

When are fees paid?

Fees are usually paid in advance by the Defendant where liability is not disputed but in many cases the parties agree that they will each pay half of the fee in advance and then deal with the costs of the mediation as part of the claim.
The parties are free to agree such terms on costs, as between themselves, as they think appropriate. The Mediation Agreement, however, provides for a presumption that, unless otherwise agreed or ordered, mediation fees and the parties’ legal costs and expenses shall be costs in the case. Parties and their lawyers should consider what costs arrangements are suitable (whether the case settles, or whether it does not) prior to the mediation.

Additional Hours

The fees for face to face mediations are for a 4 or 8 hour mediation.
If a 4 hour mediation does not exceed 5 hours or an 8 hour mediation does not exceed 9 hours the fixed fee will apply. Otherwise all time over 4 or 8 hours respectively will be charged and payable at £330 per hour plus VAT.

Venue, and costs of venue

The venue for the mediation is the responsibility of the parties. It is often possible for the mediation to take place at your offices or those of your opponent. The mediator will travel to you. Where it is desirable to use a neutral venue, we can help with information about venues but you (or your opponents) will need to book and pay for the venue. We will not be involved in that except to ensure that your mediator has appropriate directions. Sometimes we may be able to offer mediation at the home offices or chambers of our mediators for no cost. Do contact our Registrar if you would like any help on this or have any query about venue.