Joint Meeting

Once you and the other side are settled in it is time to meet each other. This is up to you and you do not have to do it. If you are concerned about it you can talk to your lawyer and/or the mediator

Joint meetings usually take place in another room. It can involve you, your supporter, your lawyer, the mediator, the other party and their lawyer. The mediator will give each side the chance to talk about why they have come to the mediation and what they hope to achieve.

This is your chance to have your say. You can tell the other side directly about how the injuries have affected you and your family.

You also get the chance to hear directly from the other side which may help you understand the problems they have in settling your claim. You will be given the chance to ask questions or your lawyer can do this for you.

The meeting will last as long as it takes each side to get the information they need from the other side to help them understand the case better.

You can end the meeting at any time and return back to your private room.

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