James Watson QC - Specialist Clinical Negligence Mediator

Mediation Experience:

I qualified formally as a mediator in 1994/1995. Overall to date I have conducted nearly 50 mediations predominantly relating to clinical negligence and personal injury claims or professional negligence issues arising out of such claims.

Clinical Negligence Experience:

Since the mid 1990’s my practice has focused mainly on medical and primarily clinical negligence and personal injury with a significant element of disciplinary regulatory work. I have dealt with most types of claim within these latter fields and have a particular level of expertise in maximum severity injury claims involving obstetric and paediatric negligence.

In terms of balance and perspective I have always tended to retain an even spread between claimant and defendant work.

Other Positions:

Professional Negligence Bar Association
London Common Law and Commercial Bar Association
Contributing Editor to the Lloyds Law Reports Medical